Glow In The Dark Body Paint

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There are many fun games that you can play with glow in the dark supplies. An old favorite such as frisbee, can have an all new twist to it with some fun glow in the dark supplies like a glow in the dark frisbee and bracelets. You add a little spice to your next Halloween party with some glow in the dark supplies as well. You may want to enhance your costumes with body paint that glows. Some fun things for kids are glowing tattoos.

Glowing stars can be a great teaching tool for the constellations. You can put ceiling stars up and turn your childs room into a planetarium. It is a great project for kids and they can pretend to be sleeping out under the stars as well.

Kids are motivated by stickers that glow. You can easily use these as rewards for good behavior. Glow in the dark supplies such as stickers and bracelets are fun for kids to play with at night and during the day. You can even find some unusual things that glow, like t-shirts and shoe laces. Someone has even created body paint that glows. Imagine the fun your kids would have painting that on themselves!

Halloween will be a little bit safer when your kids are visible trick or treating. A great idea is to have them carry glow sticks or wear bracelets that glow. Kids love the light that these put out and they can be a little bit more visible to people on the streets late at night.

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