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Face painting has been in trend since olden days. It is considered as an entertainment during carnivals, family gatherings, wedding functions, parties and corporate events. Face Painting requires a perceptive mind, a bit of patience, a box of face paints, some brushes and a willing theme.

Face painting ideas take place in enthusiastic forms like tattoo ideas to general country flag ones. The amazing ones are seen during carnival times or certain theme parties. Nowadays, “do-it-yourself” guides to face painting are available in the local markets. They are easy, low-priced and suitable for face painting.

Glitter can add an entire new look to your face and is an excellent face-painting idea. It can transform your face-paintings for amateur to expert. It can be inexpensive, if you know where to buy them, and it is very easy to apply. They work much better with princess and fantasy themes and kids simply love them. As with face paints, you need to remember using glitter and stick-on jewels that are harmless to put on human skin.

Costumes and face-painting is also a good idea. Searching plain costumes is the key to this favourite-of-all free face-painting ideas. It is not required to go and spend a huge amount of money. You may use a pair of bunny ears to go with a bunny design or a tiara to go with a princess. You can also use a black cape to go with a vampire design or a stocking filled with newspaper, pinned on the end of your t-shirt to look like a tale to match a tiger design or an old socks or stocking stuffed with tissues, magazine pages, or newspaper to look like a tail for a monkey, tiger or lion.

Body painting is another exhilarating and exciting idea. It is a great idea for the kids because it makes them feel like they are having fun with the role that has been painted on their body. Whether it is a king or a witch, this idea is a “no fail”, when it comes to rewarding youngsters and kids.

You may use professional face paints. There are cheaper face paints in the market but the professional makes are much easier to paint with. They apply with ease, give higher quality coverage and have lively colours. They make your designs much more striking and become much more comfortable for the wearer.

Some of the favourite designs with girls include princess, fantasy, fairy, rainbow and bunny/rabbit, whilst robot, pirate, tiger, spider or spider web are amongst the most popular designs liked by boys. Get into the Halloween pumpkin dress and use some orange effects for the face. To maintain the simple effect, go for elaborate eye and eyebrow colours and keep the other features safe and sound.

Be a Dracula or get a fake scratch mark. Be a kitten or a violent tiger. Go peculiar or be in the ethnic style. Match your arm tattoo or yet again go for the shoulder and face painting. Torso or paintings on one arm can also be attractive.

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